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Discover Paws N Play, the premier Canine Community Center in Sacramento. We offer holistic dog training, pet care products, and a welcoming community for all pet lovers.

Welcome to Paws N Play: Your Canine Community Center in Sacramento

Welcome to Paws N Play, a unique hub nestled in the heart of Sacramento where dogs wag their tails a little harder and pet parents find a second family. At our center, we merge the charm of a boutique retail store with the comprehensive care of a canine community center, creating a sanctuary where everyone can learn, play, and grow together.

Discover the Paws N Play Difference at Our Canine Community Center in Sacramento

Paws N Play stands out by offering an extensive range of holistic products and engaging activities. Our shelves boast top-notch brands like Adored Beast and CBD Dog, alongside locally-sourced items from Furbal Remedies and 4 Paws 1 Pup. For those looking to feed their pets the best, our freezer section features premium selections from Green Juju, Bones & Co., and SmallBatch Pets, consistent with our commitment to synthetic-free products like Nature’s Logic.

In addition to shopping, our community library allows patrons to borrow and return dog training books, fostering an environment of ongoing education and sharing.

A Day in the Life at Our Canine Community Center in Sacramento

Imagine giving your pup a spa day with specialty bath products, followed by a romp in our enrichment center. The center is equipped with skateboards for skill training, pools for splashing, and ball pits for ultimate fun. Regulars will be excited to hear about our upcoming refresh of the scent boxes—from deer tail to rabbit, pheasant, and more.

Membership: A Monthly Celebration of Canine Care at Our Community Center

Our unique membership model offers more than just products; it’s an experience. Each visit, members pick up a curated package that includes a bath, a session in our enrichment area, and special items from healthy food toppers to innovative enrichment tools.

Building a Canine Community in Sacramento

Paws N Play is dedicated to collaboration and community building. We offer our space to local trainers for private and group lessons and support other pet businesses through shared initiatives. Our self-wash stations are outfitted with extras like lick mats and luxury shampoos, ensuring every visit feels indulgent.

Special Programs for Every Need

Our Bark and Browse events are designed specifically for reactive dogs, providing a safe space for them to explore and enjoy the environment stress-free. Meanwhile, our in-house trainers are always ready to assist with both routine training and special behavior concerns.

Why Paws N Play: The Heart of Sacramento’s Canine Community

Paws N Play is more than a store—it’s the heart of the Sacramento pet community, a place where dogs and their families come together to enrich their lives. We are committed to providing unparalleled care and experiences for all our visitors, both two-legged and four-legged.

Visit Us Today at Our Canine Community Center in Sacramento

Come by and discover why Paws N Play is the talk of the town, or check out our website to learn more about our offerings. We’re excited to welcome you and your furry friend to our family!

Canine Community Center in Sacramento

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