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Common Scents Dog Sports

March 28 @ 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
common scents dog sports


🐾 Discover the Joy of Scent with Your Dog at Paws N’ Play! 🐾

Join us for a world of scent exploration and enrichment activities designed for all dogs, from the eager novice to the seasoned sniffer. Whether it’s tracking, retrieving, or simply engaging their incredible sense of smell, we’ve got a class for every nose!

πŸ” NASDA Classes: Unleash your dog’s natural talents in searching for antlers, safely contained rats, or lost items. Perfect for dogs with a strong prey drive or those who love to retrieve. Classes available at our Loomis location and Pet Food Express in Roseville.

🌿 Scent Work: Let our Certified Sport Dog Detection Trainer introduce your dog to the exciting world of scent detection. Starting with essential oils, this class lays the foundation for fun and competitive scent work. Classes held at Pet Food Express in Roseville.

πŸ€ Rats, in Tubes, in Hay, Oh My!: Dive into dog sports with a focus on finding rats securely hidden in tubes amongst hay bales. Great for dogs with prey drive and those looking to sharpen their searching skills. Classes located at our Loomis facility.

🧠 Canine Cognition: Explore how your dog thinks and learns with our Certified Canine Cognition Instructor. Based on tests from the Duke University Canine Cognition Lab, these classes provide valuable insights for all dog owners. Join us at Pet Food Express in Roseville.

🎭 Practical Tricks: Teach your dog useful tricks while earning AKC Trick Dog titles! Our AKC Trick Dog evaluator will guide you through teaching your dog to retrieve items, open/close cabinets, and more. Classes are at Pet Food Express in Roseville.

Ready to schedule a class? Your dog’s adventure into the world of scent and skills starts here! πŸ•πŸ’¨



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