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Master Canine Communication: Join Our Learn to Speak Dog Class in Sacramento! June 9th 2024

June 9 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Learn to Speak Dog at Paws N’ Play: Understanding Canine Communication

Instructor: Becky Rooke

Join Becky Rooke, a seasoned dog trainer with decades of experience, for a transformative series designed to deepen your understanding of canine communication. Utilizing her extensive knowledge in dog psychology and effective training techniques, Becky aims to enhance the relationship between owners and their pets. Learn more about Becky’s methods and background on her website.

Course Overview for Learn to Speak Dog

“Learn to Speak Dog” is a thoughtfully crafted three-part series inspired by the pioneering work of Turid Rugaas. Each one-hour session is meticulously designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge, improving how you interact with your dog by focusing on key aspects of canine communication.

Session Breakdown

Session 1: Calming Signals – The Art of Non-verbal Communication

Focus: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the subtle non-verbal cues dogs use to communicate. This knowledge is crucial for preventing misunderstandings and reducing conflicts, particularly in multi-dog households and busy public environments. Learn to read these calming signals to maintain peace and enhance interaction between dogs.

Session 2: Understanding Barking as Communication

Focus: Explore the various reasons dogs bark and master strategies to manage and minimize unnecessary barking. This session helps you understand the nuances of canine vocal communication, enabling you to respond more effectively and enjoy quieter, more harmonious living with your dog.

Session 3: Mastering the Walk

Focus: Tackle one of the most prevalent issues dog owners face: leash pulling. Discover effective communication techniques and leash handling skills to transform your walks into enjoyable, stress-free experiences. This session emphasizes building a better communicative bond to improve leash control and overall walk dynamics.

Session 4: Comprehensive Review and Practical Demonstrations

Focus: This final session serves as a comprehensive review of all the topics covered in the course. We’ll utilize a variety of resources including movie clips, video demonstrations, and live examples to reinforce the key concepts. This interactive session is designed to address any remaining questions and ensure that all participants have a clear understanding of how to apply what they’ve learned. It’s a great opportunity to see practical applications of canine communication techniques and refine your skills.

Included Textbooks for Learning to Speak Dog

Each participant will receive a copy of the relevant textbook for each session, which is included in the course fee. These books serve as valuable resources:

Course Features

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive discussions, demonstrations, and practical exercises to translate theoretical knowledge into real-world skills.
  • Personalized Attention: Benefit from small class sizes, allowing Becky to provide personalized feedback and tailored advice to meet the unique needs of each dog and owner.
  • Support Materials: Receive handouts and additional resources that summarize key points and extend learning beyond the classroom.

Enrollment Details

Join us at Paws N’ Play for this enlightening journey  to better understand and communicate with your canine companion aka Learn To Speak Dog!  This series is not just educational—it’s transformative, aiming to enhance the way you and your dog interact, leading to a happier, more fulfilling relationship.


This beginner-level class is ideal for both existing and prospective dog owners interested in understanding canine communication through body language. Participants will learn to recognize and interpret their dogs’ expressions and interactions, fostering a deeper bond and more effective communication. The learn to speak dog class welcomes well-behaved dogs, though attendance is not mandatory; owners can choose to attend solo to focus purely on learning. Stay tuned for our advanced Level 2 course later this year, which will build on these foundational skills!

Terra Ruiz of Wholistic Canine

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